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Funeral Home Services in Picayune 

Picayune Funeral Home is a full-service funeral home that has been serving Picayune and the surrounding area since 1977. From a full traditional funeral to on-site cremation services, we are here to guide you. Our courteous staff will assist you through the process systematically, so that everything goes smoothly.

At Picayune Funeral Home, we are committed to helping you honor your loved one's lives in the best way possible. Our funeral directors will provide your family the care and support that you need throughout this emotional and difficult period. We pay attention to detail and ensure that you feel comfortable while paying respect to your lost loved ones. 

At Picayune Funeral Home, we strive to accommodate every family's personal needs by focusing on their custom and religious denominations. If you have any questions regarding our funeral home services, call us at (601) 273-4177.

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